The warm, mineral waters of a hot spring are always a great way to wind down after any kind of exertion. Why not visit some of our local spas, or take a drive to a spa out of town and see the lovely scenery of Western Japan while you`re at it. There are even a few choices to be had within the city itself.

A local spa, which is run by the city, is Ajisai-no-yu あじさいの湯 (Jp) at the Kawachi Hot Spring Center. This beautiful center is tucked away in a mountain valley just a 30 minute bus ride from Yahata Station, get on the bus headed for Tashiro (田代) and get off at Kawachi Elementary School. Located on the edge of Kawachi lake this is a great getaway for the better part of a day. There are several baths, a sauna, and a steam room; private baths are also available. Food can also be had in the restaurants and several private rooms of varying sizes (from 9 to 80 tatami) are also available. There is a shuttle bus that runs to and from the spa to either Yahata Station (八幡駅) via Yahata Chuo Machi (八幡中央町), or to ShiChiJou (七条) via Itozu no Mori Mae (到津の森前), or Okura (大蔵), where both of the other buses pass by on their way to the spa. (see shuttle schedule)
In front of JR Jinnoharu Station is Friendly no Yu フレンドリーの湯. This spa has not only indoor but also outdoor baths. Open all year round from 10:00 ~ 02:00. Admission is 600yen for adults (junior high and older), and 300yen for 4 year-olds and older; admission is 50yen more on weekends, national holidays, and over New Year`s. For more information call 644-3020.
A salon specializing in Balinese massage. Numa Bali (Eng / Jp) is located in a private home in Kokura Minami-ku. The owner trained in Bali and has set up a nice little Balinese getaway here in Kitakyushu. Both women and men are accepted. Prices start at 3,000yen with a variety of courses available taking from 40 to 150 minutes. A most relaxing experience. For more information check out the website or call 471-0715 (English is spoken).
This all natural hot spring is located right on the coast under the Kanmon bridge in Moji. Mekari Kaikan 和布刈会館 is open from 09:00 to 21:00 every day for day visitors and offers great views of the strait and the passing ships. Admission is 600yen for adults (junior high and older), 300yen for elementary students, and 100yen for 2 years and older. There is a discount price for using the bath after 19:00. The address is Moji-ku Ooaza Moji 3494-5 across from Mekari Shrine (和布刈神社). For more information call 321-0551.
Spa Resort Pavilio スパリゾートパビリオ is in Kokura Minami-ku along route 10 past Shimosone (下曽根) at Higashi Nuki 1-5-30. It is open all year round from 10:00 ~ 01:00 on weekdays; Friday, Saturday, national holidays, and over New Year`s the spa is open till 03:00. Admission is 600yen for adults, 300yen for elementary school students, and infants till 2 years of age get in for 100yen. For more information call 474-7778.
A 10 minute train ride to Space World Station takes you to a short walk from Seaside Spa (Jp). This spa is open all year round from 10:00-01:00 with plenty of spa amenities. Admission is 900yen for junior high school students and older; 4 years and older costs 450yen. Every Wednesday for those 65 and older and every Thursday for women, admission is 700yen.
Yahata Nishi-ku has a natural hot spring in the Honjo area. Otogi no Mori おとぎの杜 has 10 kinds of baths, 4 kinds of saunas, and 3 outdoor baths. A variety of other services are also available including a restaurant, body care, and a hair salon among other things. Open from 10:00 to 01:00 entrance is 800yen on weekdays and 900yen on weekends for adults and half-price for elementary school students. It is located by Honjo Sousai (Honjo Funeral home) at Yahata Nishi-ku Onkai (reading unknown) 1-19-1 八幡西区 御開1-19-1. Tel: 692-4126.
Opening June 17th in Taihei Town near Nakatsu city is a new hot spring center: Yu no Sako Onsen Taihei Raku 湯ノ迫温泉・大平楽. Just off National route 10 bypass, this new spa is 2,500 square meters of relaxing pleasure. Several different bathes are filled with 35.5 degree water taken from 1300m below. A restaurant is on site for restoring your energy; local produce is also being sold. Open from 10 till 22 (midnight on Fridays and Saturdays) entrance is only 500yen for adults and 250yen for children. For more information call 0979-84-7654. Information page (Jp).
Although not a natural hot spring, Barpas (Jp) is one of those large spa-relaxation places that offer all sorts of diversions for all ages. It`s located next to the Yomiuri Newspaper offices on highway 3, right around the corner from the Adachi interchange of the City Expressway. The address is 小倉北区明和町2−3 Kokura Kita-ku Meiwa Machi 2-3. By bus Nos. 7 and 28 stop at Nakatsu Guchi Yomiuri Mae (中津口読売前).
Another spa center is located in Ibori 3Chome 2-1 (小倉北区井堀3丁目2−1). Super Sentou Goku Raku Yu (スーパー銭湯「極楽湯」) offers several different baths including an open air bath, a jet bath, an electic bath, and a sauna, to name a few. It`s only 500yen for adults and \300 for children, even cheaper if you become a member. It`s open from 9am to 3am. For more information call TEL:583-4126.
Just across the strait in the neighbouring city of Shimonoseki (Eng / Jp) there is a spa which sits right on the coast allowing for some ship watching while you`re relaxing. It`s located on the coastal road that runs along the Kanmon Strait and is a couple of kilometers north of the bridge, just before you get to Chofu, the old samurai town.

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