Looking for a little bit of live music? Below you`ll find information about concerts that are coming up. Further down the page you`ll find information on clubs in town. One of these places should cater to your tastes.

Tickets for concerts listed here should be available at ticket outlets such as: Lawson Ticket (ƒ[ƒ\ƒ“ƒ`ƒPƒbƒg) or Ticket Pia (ƒ`ƒPƒbƒg‚า‚ ).

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The Beatniks and Ikeda Yosuke
Date: Sunday, July 11th
Place: Ferse (see description)
Time: doors at 19:00, concert at 19:30
Cost: ¥1,500 including one drink

BEATNIKS are: Takamasa (g. and vo.), Chris (b. and vo.), David (djembe and vo.) and Joe (djembe and vo.)
What kind of music? Ikeda Yosuke, age 20, plays contemporary folk music. BEATNIKS play Ethnic Rock (don't look for that category in the CD shops: Chris made it up himself). Monday is a working day, so we will finish before 10.
Ferse can be found at Orio 1 chome, 14-40. From the station, turn left and go to the bus street. Turn right there. Ferse will be on your right, just past the Fukuoka Bank. There is 100 yen parking near the station and across the street from Fukuoka Bank.

The 3 Days Sound Collection
Date: Saturday, July 17th - Monday, July 19th
Place: Media Dome
Time: Doors open at 17:00, concerts start at 17:30
Cost: FREE

On Saturday the theme is Rock and Acoustic, featuring Yadokari and others.
On Sunday the theme is Jazz, featuring The Black Bottom Brass Band and others.
On holiday Monday the theme is 60's Sounds, featuring The Flying Elephants and others.

SISAY Seaside Live
Date: Saturday, July 17th.
Place: Dramaship boardwalk, Mojiko.
Time: 12:30, 14:30, and 16:30
Cost: Free

Club Information

For those looking for some jazz there`s ƒrƒbƒOƒoƒ“ƒh (Big Band). This nice little spot around the corner from the Mainichi Kaikan (–ˆ“๚‰๏Šู) occassionally gets some big name artists in. ฌ‘q–k‹ๆฎ‰ฎ’ฌ‚P‚P|‚R—Fˆคƒrƒ‹‚P‚e Kokura Kita-ku KonyaMachi 11-3 YuuAi Bldg.1st floor. Tel: 093-551-4395.
The popular all-round Xelha (Eng / Jp) has a DJ later in the evenings. Depending on the crowd the tables are moved aside for a dance floor.
Right next to Nishi-Kokura station is the livehouse WOW (Jp). More of a rocker kind of place. ฌ‘q–k‹ๆŽบ’ฌ‚R|‚R|‚P‚T@‚Q‚e Kokura Kita-ku Muro Machi 3-3-15 2F Tel: 093-571-7131.
An interesting alternative option to all the rest of the places is Club Megahertz (Jp). Some interesting concerts, especially in the alternative genre - lots of noise. Check out the website for their schedule and a map of how to get there. The club is located on the 2F at Kokura Kita-ku Konya Machi 7-17 Daiya Kaikan, ฌ‘q–k‹ๆฎ‰ฎ’ฌ‚V|‚P‚Vƒ_ƒCƒ„‰๏Šู2F. Tel: 531-1906.
Gallery Soap (Eng / Jp) is an artist-led organization space which aims to create new networks and collaborative efforts in various fields and locations. This space has a cafe area as well as an exhibition area, where exhibits, concerts, etc. are held. The gallery is located on Kyu-Densha dori, across the street from the Nishitetsu Inn. Kokurakita-ku Kajimachi 1-8-23 ฌ‘q–k‹ๆ’bŽก1-8-23.
For a place that really starts to liven up late at night, check out Outer Limits (Jp). It`s for all practical purposes two places in one with the DJs and dance floor in a room on one side and a bar/lounge in another room on the other side.
Down Kurosaki way there is the popular Marcus(Jp). Check out some of Japan`s up and coming stars before they start appearing on music programs or fade away into salaryman land. –k‹ใBŽs”ช”ฆผ‹ๆ•่‚P|12|5 Located near Kurosaki Station (see map) - Kurosaki 1 chome 12-5. Tel: 621-3768.
Looking for a more classical sound? There is Hibiki Hall (Jp) in Yahata. It`s in the same building as the international center (KIA). Take a look at their upcoming schedule for something that suits your tastes.
Kyushu Kosei Nenkin Kaikan (‹ใBŒ๚ถ”N‹เ‰๏Šู) (Jp) is a multi-function center and hosts many kinds of concerts and performances. 803-0814 ฌ‘q–k‹ๆ‘ๅŽ่’ฌ12|‚R. Kokura Kita-ku Otemachi 12-3, across the street from Women`s center Move and the Kanada Kodan apartment buildings. TelF 093-592-5401 FaxF 093-581-5081.
Just past Yahata Nishi-ku is Nakama where Nakama Harmony Hall (Jp) offers classical concerts and more. The hall is located about a 7 minute walk from JR Nakama station at Nakama City 3-7-1 ’†ŠิŽs@‰ิŽ›3-7-1. Tel: 245-8000.
A little ways from Kokura, but only a few stops from Kurosaki on the Kagoshima line, is Murphy`s Cafe (Eng) which sits in front of Onga station (the one after Orio on the way to Hakata). Check out the schedule for live music and special events happening there.
Live Andy (Jp), originally in Nogata, is located in Yahata Nishi-ku near the Hikino (ˆ๘–์) on-ramp of the city expressway. This bar and live house puts on Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Rock shows. Some of the local foreign musicians occassionally hold events here. ”ช”ฆผ‹ๆˆ๘–์1-26-6 Hikino, Yahata Nishi-ku. Tel: 642-8861 cellF090-2511-1105.
Elle Evans is a long established Jazz club in Wakamatsu. This small club, which might at most hold 50 people for a live events, has an extensive collection of Jazz for your listening pleasure. Live events are held practically every Friday and Saturday and usually start at 21:00. Entrance fee is a nominal 300yen on event nights, but can be more depending on who is playing. The club can be found not far from Wakato Bridge and a few minutes walk from either Wakamatsu Station or the ferry terminal at Wakamatsu-ku Hon Machi 2-9-20 Žแผ‹ๆ–{’ฌ2-9-20 Tel: 093-751-9508.
Kate Music (Jp) is a cafe and a music room for piano lessons. They also have, on occassion, concerts. It is located next to Nishi-Kokura Station, behind the Space21 pachinko parlour, on the first floor of the Yoshimoto Bldg. at Daimon 2-3-6; ง803-0081 –k‹ใBŽsฌ‘q–k‹ๆ‘ๅ–ๅ2-3-6 ไั–{iƒˆƒVƒ‚ƒgjƒrƒ‹‚P‚e . Tel: 561-8314.
Birdman House is a funky place popular with the university crowd - it might even remind you of a place you frequented back home. Lots of gemutlichkeit. Food, drinks, and live music on at least a couple of nights a week, usually Fridays and Sundays. It`s located right across the street from the National Kokura Hospital (Kokuritsu Kokura Byouin ‘—งฌ‘q•a‰@) at 1-6-11 Kitagata, Kokura Minami-ku ฌ‘q“์‹ๆ–k•๛1-6-11. Tel: 922-2092.
Hedges is located on the 2F of Uomachi 3-3-3 in Kokura Kita-ku ฌ‘q–k‹ๆ‹›’ฌ. From the southern most exit of the Heiwa-dori monrail station head towards the Uomachi shopping arcade. Tel: 541-4649.

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