Local Support

Kitakyushu International Association (Eng / Jp) - The place for help and information. Their volunteers put out a monthly newsletter, Himawari, that has information on events happening in the area as well as information about consultations and language tables happening at the center.
Kitakyushu JALT (Eng) chapter - This is the local chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT). Meet fellow teachers; Exchange teaching ideas. The page has lots of links and information about the organization and the chapter`s upcoming events.
Kitakyushu JETs (Eng) - This page has been put together by the JETs in the area. It has lots of information for those interested in the program as well as information on the city.
The Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women (KFAW) (Eng / Jp) - KFAW is involved with women`s problems and works to improve the social status of women in Asia through solidarity and development. KFAW's main activities are: research and study; international exchange; seminars and training programs; and the collection and circulation of information.

Local Links

Mojiko Tourist Information (Jp) - An excellent source of information for those planning on visiting Mojiko.
Kitakyushu City (Eng / Jp) - This is the official city homepage with various information available in English including news, projects in the works, resident information, and other general information about the city. The Japanese page has more detailed information along with individual ward pages for each of the 7 wards of the city.
Kitakyushu International Conference Center (Eng / Jp)- A modern convention center completed in 1990 offers a great venue for a conference with unparalleled access to the transportation network, just a few minutes on a covered moving walkway from the north exit of Kokura Station. The General Exhibition Center (Eng / Jp) is just across the street and offers over 20,000 sq.m. of exhibition space in coordination with its annex.
Oira no Machi (おいらの街) (Jp) - This is the monthly magazine for information about what is happening and available in Kitakyushu. Overflowing with information on how to have a good time in this city of ours.
Nasse (Jp) - Nasse is a freely distributed monthly with the title "Life Coordinate Magazine" - take their title as you will. The magazine has information on places to eat, beauty salons, local events and so on. Each month there is a focus on some theme. The magazine is usually found in shops around town.
Kitakyushu City Tourist Association (Jp) - The name speaks for itself.
iKID (Jp) - This is the Kitakyushu information network page. Lots of links to various pages on a wide range of topics. There is an English index but practically all the pages are in Japanese.
トクナビ北九州 (Jp) - A frequently updated page on commercial bargains and events happening around town. Lots of links to shops and other services.
Kita-Q (Jp) - A page with links to all sorts of Kitakyushu related sites. This site is kept by NTT-West.
Living Kitakyushu (Jp) - This is the online version of the weekly paper that is distributed freely to households all around town.

Other Info

May`s Fukuoka City Guide (Eng) - If you are looking to go down to our fair neighbouring city of Fukuoka then this is a must visit site for information on anything to do with visiting and living there.
Fukuoka Bar Guide (Eng) - Run by the same group who does the above Fukuoka guide. Self-described as providing "'real time' event information on the web and through a keitai on what is happening at Fukuoka bars."
To-To-To (Eng) - This page aims to provide an interactive chat and information service for Fukuoka.
Fukuoka History (Eng) - The name says it all. The site aims to encourage research into the history and culture of Kyushu. Articles of interest for both general readers and scholars. Some interesting reading.
Post Office Guide (Eng / Jp) - This site offers lots of information on services offered by the Post Office.
Japan Information Network (Eng) - As its name implies this site offers a wealth of information on Japan. Regional information, statistics, games and lots more can be found on the many many pages offered.
Japan Reference Page (Eng) - A comprehensive directory of resources on Japan.
Schauwecker's Guide to Japan (Eng) - About 200 pages of illustrated, general information about most aspects of modern and traditional Japan.

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