Thanks to a recent boom in going to the movies we now have many nice, new theaters to choose from.

At Kokura Cine-City Yuraku one of the screens is devoted to what they call Cinema Archives which aims to bring quality movies back from the past. These movies cost only 1,000yen at any time.
They also have on screen called Quality Cinema which shows quality movies from around the world. The films are changed every 2 to 3 weeks.




Kitakyushu offers several different choices for those who enjoy putting a little money down on the outcome of races. And even if you are not into gambling the races themselves and the change in scenery offer an interesting alternative for a day out.

Horse Racing:
The JRA track in Kokura Minami-ku is a recently renovated center that hosts live races for two 6-week stints: from mid-July to beginning of September, and in January and February. 802-0841 kBsqk4-5-1 Kokura Minami-ku Kitagata 4-5-1. The easiest way to access the site is to take the monorail from Kokura Station to Keibajou-mae(nO) and follow the connecting walkway to the entrance of the track. General admission is \100 and the gates open at 9am.
Bicycle Racing (Keirin ):
There are two tracks at the moment: in Moji and in Kokura. The one in Moji is quite old and may be closing within the next few years. The one in Kokura is in the new Media Dome in Mihagino (O), near the Kitakyushu Citizen`s Stadium. It`s about a 10 minute walk from the Mihagino Monorail Station. There are free shuttle buses that run from several areas in the city, check out their access page for more detailed information.
Boat Racing (Kyoutei ):
There are two boat race sites within Kitakyushu and both are in the west end: Wakamatsu and Ashiya.


Bowling Centers

Bowling is a popular diversion and Kitakyushu has a number of alleys that serve our needs. Most places also have a game center and a restaurant, or two, to keep you there a little longer than for just a few games. Daytime specials are the best value if you`ve got the time on a weekday. Enjoy a few games at an alley near you:

Kokura Bowl (q{[) is across the tracks from the Daimon () bus stop and about a 5 minute walk from Nishi-Kokura Station (qw). Kokura Kita-ku Imoji 3-1 qk撒t 3-1.
Kitakyushu Bowl (kB{E) has two locations. One is in Shisuikaikan () which is found at Kokura Kita-ku Nakatsu Guchi 2-1-72 qk撆Ì2-1-72 - the building also has the camping goods store Camp 2. The other is located in The Mall , right next to Shimosone Station (]w). Kokura Minami-ku Shimonosone Shinmachi 10-1 q扺]V10-1.
Momozono City Bowl (VăB{E) is above the pachinko parlor which is located along route 3 at Momozono on the border of Yahata Higashi-ku and Yahata Nishi-ku. Yahata Higashi-ku Momozono 2-1-20 操2-1-20.
Orio Starlanes (ܔX^[[) is a 5 minute walk west of Orio Station (ܔw) on the north side of the tracks. Yahata Nishi-ku Orio 5-1-5 ܔ5-1-5.

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