Looking for some excitement? Got some kids you gotta let loose? Check out some of these places around town.

Previously Kitakyushu`s #1 tourist attraction was Space World (Eng / Jp). For those who love adventure, speed, and queasiness check out some of the gut churning rides at this Nippon Steel produced theme park. Thematic shows are put on at the main stage and are changed every few months. Other special events are also held including an annual New Year`s countdown party.
Now the #1 tourist attraction is Mojiko Retro (Jp) at the north end of Kitakyushu. The area around the port and station has several historic buildings including Mojiko station itself. There are also quite a few nice places to enjoy a good meal. For a brief description (in English) of the Mojiko area check here. For lots of information in English about Mojiko by a Mojiko resident check this page out.
Kaikyo Dramaship (Jp) is a multi-functional facility that hopes to add to Mojiko as a tourist destination. One of the highlights of this facility is its depiction of history. In the Kaikyo Retro Street you can slip back into the Taisho era and experience a typical street scene. Other historically oriented dramatizations are also offered. There is also a viewing area where you can watch the present day action of the straits. Shops and restaurants are other diversions. Part of the facility requires you to pay an admission fee of 500yen for adults and 200yen for JHS students and younger. Parking is available for 200yen an hour. JR Mojiko Station is just a 5 minute walk away.
Want something a little more cultural? Why not visit the Kyushu Folkcraft Village (Jp) located on the way to the Kawachi Reservoir. Watch how the artisans produce handmade crafts such as ceramics, folk-style furniture, hand-blown glasswork, metalwork, and dyed and woven art to name but a few. Depending on how much time you have it is also possible to make some traditional crafts yourself, some of the crafts can be made in 10-20 minutes and others can take an hour or 2.
What Japanese city doesn`t have a castle? Kokura Castle (Jp) sits on a hillock overlooking the Murasaki River and the central district. Originally built in 1602 by Hosokawa Tadaoki, today`s castle, built in 1959, includes a model of the old town along with many other exhibitions. The castle is open to the public from 9am to 6pm (5pm from November to March) and costs 350yen for adults. qk2-1 Kokura Kita-ku Jonai 2-1 Tel: 093-561-1210.
Across the strait in the neighbouring city of Shimonoseki you can discover the underwater world at the Shimonoseki Aquarium (Jp). See the skeleton of a sulfur-bottom whale, more commonly known as the blue whale, the largest living animal on earth. This is one of only 7 exhibits in the world, or so they say. And what`s an aquarium without a live show? Check out the dolphins, those lovable creatures we all can`t get enough of.
The waterfront of Shimonoseki is gradually getting a makeover. Kamon Wharf (Jp) is a take off of San Francisco`s famous Fisherman`s wharf. A 24-hour hub of activity, the wharf area incorporates the fish market where you can see the auctioning of the latest catches and buy something to take back to your kitchen. If you don`t want to prepare it yourself, eat something at the numerous restaurants. Kamon Wharf is located near the aquarium and next to the ferries that ply the strait over to Moji-ko.

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