The big city that it is Kitakyushu offers a range of accomodations for the visitor. This section has been divided into two regions (for now): Kokura and Other. The prices on this page are just to give you an idea of what is offered and appear in no particular order. Please contact the hotel directly for up-to-date information.

If you are looking to stay for a longer period you may want to get a place for a week, or a month. With 32 locations around the city there is sure to be a マンスリーマンション (Monthly Mansion) near to where you want to be. マンスリーマンション has rooms that are larger than those of the average business hotels and provides all the necessary amenities for living. Rates are as low as \1,800 per day (based on a month`s rental plan). Weekly rates are between \12,600 and \23,100. 株式会社 ゆうゆう共和国 〒802-0804 北九州市小倉南区下城野1丁目7番5号 (Kokura Minami-ku Shimo Jono 1-7-5) <宅建取引免許番号 福岡県知事(4)9813 (Fukuoka Prefectural Real Estate License (4)9813)> Free Dial: 0120-727-003 Tel: 093-951-0002 Fax: 093-951-5959


is a 3-minute walk from the north exit of Kokura Station. A businessman`s hotel, it has all sorts of facilities available on site, including internet access in some of the rooms (ask for such a room when reserving). Singles from 6,615yen and doubles from 9,975yen. 北九州市小倉北区浅野二丁目9番6号 Kokura Kita-ku Asano 2-9-6. TEL:(093) 521-3366 FAX:(093) 521-3350.
In Kokura probably the fanciest and most expensive hotel is the Righa Royal (Eng / Jp) on the north side of Kokura station, facing the international conference complex. All rooms are in a western style and most offer a fine view of both the city and the Kanmon Strait. Singles start at 15,000yen but check the lodging page (in Japanese) for special deals - sometimes as low as half the regular rate. A high-scale shopping arcade is located on the lobby floor and fine dining on the upper most floors. 〒802-0001 北九州市小倉北区浅野2-14-2 Kokura Kita-ku Asano 2-14-2 TEL(093)531-1121 FAX(093)521-2068.
Ideally located above the tracks is the Station Hotel Kokura. Singles start at 7,800yen (not including tax and service charge).〒802-0001 北九州市小倉北区浅野1-1-1 Kokura Kita-ku Asano 1-1-1 Tel:093-541-7111 Fax:093-512-0345 Some information on the site is in English.
ホテル ジェネラス 小倉 Hotel Generas Kokura sits just 2 minutes away on foot from the north exit of Kokura Station. Singles start at 6,800yen and twins from 14,000yen (not including tax); many other kinds of rooms are also available. 〒 802-0001 北九州市小倉北区浅野2-14-65 Kokura Kita-ku Asano 2-14-65 TEL: 093-531-4000 FAX: 093-531-5120.
小倉ワシントンホテルプラザ Kokura Washington Hotel Plaza sits on the edge of the nightlife district. Its central location within a 7 minute walk of Kokura Station makes it a good place to stay. Singles start at 6,200yen (not including tax and service charge); twins start at 12,500yen. 〒802-0004 北九州市小倉北区鍛冶町1-9-8 Kokura Kita-ku Kajimachi 1-9-8 TEL (093)531-3111 FAX(093)531-8249.
小倉東急インKokura Tokyu Inn (Eng / Jp) is an 8 minute walk from Kokura Station. A great selection of restaurants and nightlife activities lie just outside its doors. The standard rate for a single start at 6,800yen (including service charge but excluding tax); twins start at 10,800yen. Check their site for online specials. Non-smoking rooms are available. 〒802-0081 北九州市小倉北区紺屋町8番地5号 Kokura Kita-ku Konyamachi 8-5 TEL 093-521-0109 FAX 093-521-4588.
東京第一ホテル小倉 Tokyo Daiichi Hotel Kokura (Eng / Jp) sits along the Murasaki River across the river from City Hall. It`s about a 10 minute walk from Kokura Station. Singles start at 7,900yen (including service charge but excluding tax). Check the Japanese page for specials. Non-smoking rooms are available. 〒802-0077 北九州市小倉北区馬借1-2-1 Kokura Kita-ku Bashaku 1-2-1 TEL 093-511-4111 FAX 093-511-4112.
ホテルニュータガワ Hotel New Tagawa is a beautiful hotel with a spectacular Japanese garden. It`s situated on the edge of Kokura`s central district, just a minute`s walk from the Tanga (旦過) Monorail Station (2nd stop from Kokura Station). 北九州市小倉北区古船場町 3-46 Kokura Kita-ku, Furusenbamachi 3- 46. Room rates start with singles at 8,500yen - check with the hotel for more details. Tel: 093-521-3831.
西鉄イン小倉 Nishitetsu Inn Kokura is a hotel designed for business use. A 4 minute walk from Kokura Station will take you to its doors. Bread, coffee, and orange juice are available for free in the morning. There are even coin laundry machines available in the building. Singles are 6,000yen (including tax), but check with the hotel for any other specials, including internet specials. 〒 802-0003 北九州市小倉北区米町 1-4-11 Kokura Kita-ku Kome Machi 1-4-11 Tel: (093) 511-5454 Fax: (093) 511-5424.
アーバンホテルかじまち Urban Hotel Kajimachi is a centrally located hotel. Only a 5 minute walk from Kokura Station and sitting just on the edge of the bar district this hotel is most convenient for those who are here to both work and play. It has 46 western style rooms. Singles are 6,000yen and either a twin or a double is 11,400yen for double occupancy (including tax and service charge). 北九州市小倉北区鍛治町1-5-13 Kokura Kita-ku, Kajimachi 1-5-13 電話番号:093(551)8881 FAX番号:093(551)9888. Visit the site for more information.
ユタカビジネスホテル Yutaka Business Hotel is located on the north side of Kokura Station, only a 1 minute walk away. It is ideally located for those spending time at the convention center or looking to be centrally located without the noisy action of the nightlife district. Single rooms start at 5,900yen (including tax and service charge). 北九州市小倉北区浅野2-13-22 電話番号:093(511)0101 FAX番号:093(511)0120. Visit the site for more information.
小倉リーセントホテル Kokura Recent Hotel is a brand new hotel that is opening in June. It is located a couple of minutes from Nishi Kokura Station and just around the corner from the Tamaya Department Store. Single rooms are 5,700yen (not including tax and a 10% service charge). Make a reservation from their homepage and get 10% off. 〒803-0811 北九州市小倉北区大門1丁目1−17 TEL 093-581-5673 Kokura Kita-ku Daimon 1Chome 1-17.
サンスカイホテル Sunsky Hotel is about a 5 minute car/taxi ride from downtown. It can also be reached by buses 92, 93, or 94 (destination Otani Ike or Yugawa) from Kokura Station. On the top floor there is a rotating restaurant and bar which offers a wonderful view of Kitakyushu and out onto the Kanmon Strait. Singles are 6,500yen and doubles 10,000yen. Check their page for possible internet discounts. Non-smoking rooms are available. 〒802-0038 北九州市小倉北区神幸町2-1 Kokura Kita-ku TEL 093-521-0123 FAX 093-521-3365.
あさのホテル Asano Hotel
ビジネスホテル やなぎ Business Hotel Yanagi is located a couple minutes walk from the North exit of Kokura Station. Their homepage had several problems so it`s best to check directly with the hotel. 〒802-0001 北九州市小倉北区浅野2丁目12-33 Kokura Kita-ku Asano 2-12-33 Tel: (093) 522-1011 Fax: (093) 522-1015.
ホテルパールシティ小倉 Hotel Pearl City Kokura is located just a few minutes from Nishi Kokura Station (西小倉駅). Rooms start at about 5,600yen for singles. 〒803 北九州市小倉北区室町1-2-16 Kokurakita-ku Muromochi 1-2-16. Tel: 093-561-3311 Fax: 093-571-0973.
リコホテル小倉 Rico Hotel Kokura (Eng page only) is a reasonably priced hotel just a few minutes from Kokura Station. Singles start at 5,300yen (tax and service included). 小倉北区船頭町3-31 Kokura-Kita-Ku Sendo-cho 3-31. Tel: 093-521-4444 .
九州厚生年金会館 Kyushu Kosei Nenkin Kaikan is a large complex including a concert hall, wedding hall, restaurant, fitness center, and a hotel. Singles start at 5,800yen. 〒803-0814 小倉北区大手町12-3 Kokura Kita-ku Otemachi 12-3. Tel:093-592-5401 Fax:093-581-5081.


A 5 minute cab ride from Kurosaki station gets you to the Kitakyushu Prince Hotel (Eng / Jp). This is a city resort hotel with a shopping arcade, tennis court, swimming pool, and ice skating rink to name a few of its features. Singles are 9,500yen (excluding tax). 〒806-8585 北九州市八幡西区東曲里町3-1 Yahata Nishi-ku Higashimagari machi 3-1 Tel:093-631-1111 Fax:093-631-1148.
The 門司港ホテル Mojiko Hotel sits just a minute`s walk from Mojiko Station in the heart of the Mojiko Retro area. Singles start at 9,500yen with double occupancy rooms starting at 13,500yen. 〒801-8503 北九州市門司区港町9−11Moji-ku Minatomachi 9-11 TEL: 093-321-1111 FAX: 093-321-7111.
ホテルパールシティ黒崎 Hotel Pearl City Kurosaki is a couple minutes walk from Kurosaki Station, directly across from the Nishitetsu bus center. Singles start at 7,000yen (tax and service charge not included). 〒806-0021 北九州市八幡西区黒崎3-7-7 Yahata Nishi-ku Kurosaki 3-7-7 TEL:093-631-7711 FAX:093-631-8089.
西鉄イン黒崎 Nishitetsu Inn Kurosaki is located in the COM City complex, which is connected to Kurosaki Station. Singles start at 6,000yen including tax. Booking online entitles you to a 700yen discount off the price. 北九州市八幡西区黒崎3-15-3 Yahata Nishi-ku Kurosaki 3-15-3. Tel: 093-645-5454; Fax: 093-645-5281.
Just a 1 minute walk from Yahata Station is ホ テ ル タ ウ ン ハ ウ ス ま つ や Hotel Townhouse Matsuya (top page has information in English). Single use of rooms start at 5,600yen (not including tax) with twin use at 10,000yen. 〒805-0061 北九州市八幡東区西本町 2-8-3 Yahata Higashi-ku Nishi Hon Machi 2-8-3 TEL:(093)-661-7890 FAX:(093)-671-5648.

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